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Super Mario Run is, as its title suggests, a runner. A video game in which the hero, Mario in this case, runs without interruption and must avoid obstacles that stand in his way in a pure spirit platform. Super Mario Run is not the first game of the genre. Ubisoft had as well as soon as 2012 proposed a Rayman Jungle Run (then Rayman Fiesta Run) on the same model.

For his second foray into the field of games Mobile (after Miitomo application very quickly out of fashion), Nintendo sent his superstar of platform games, Mario mascot, to the conquest of players on iPhone.


Successful mission? After a few hours of play, time to come out of the six worlds each composed of four levels (the first three are free and the complete application is sold 9.99 euros), difficult to not fall in love. There are sharp and dynamic platform Mario games gameplay. Nintendo’s expertise in this area is clearly second to none. The aim of the game: get through each level by collecting the largest number of pieces, by eliminating the greater number of opponents, all in a limited time. Press on the screen so that Mario jumps and bounces on his opponents head. Read Review, Ok do you want free super mario run coins ? if yes then use our super mario run hack and get all the free super mario run resources.


The Super Mario Run Universe

The Mario universe is faithfully reproduced, to the delight of fans and neophytes who will discover a highly friendly colorful world. Everything is there; the charismatic characters, cult, funny sound effects, cute enemies music, varied environments


The whole is served by an impeccable realization. It’s stable, smooth, detailed and fully animated. Unless you make the choice to reduce the graphic quality as the game allows it to preserve the battery of your iPhone. You can reduce quality of rendering”, which will drop the framerate (number of frames per second), or ‘graphic quality’, which will lower the definition. In both cases, the lower quality is sensitive.

There are no that the achievement that is impeccable, the gameplay is too. If Super Mario Run is not played like the classic 2D Mario, we get the feeling on the franchise. While being accessible, the game requires a minimum of precision and skill.

The regulars of platform games will surely find that there is too much aid: Mario knows climb over alone the small enemies, a fall will not be fatal to him, because he will be brought back in a bubble (Fortunately, the bubbles are not unlimited), stop boxes allow to pause to analyze the upcoming meters… But you can play by disregarding the raids – except the stop boxes, which are sometimes necessary to avoid an enemy or reach a platform.

A real video game for players

Super Mario Run is for real gamers, followers of what is called the scoring. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Have you collected more pieces? Have you done a better time? In Super Mario Run there is a true competitive spirit that will not necessarily please everyone, although advanced players will be thrilled.


Not sure the followers of Pokemon GB, 2048 or Candy Crush Saga fall under the charm of this video game that looks like… a real video game away from these experiences or these pastimes, very often free. As some levels from the 5th World are particularly devious. Better to have strong nerves and reflexes. Because if the game is played with a single button, the example type of the game easy to play and difficult to master.

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